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115 BPM00:32
Marimba and electric bass with bubbles FX and circus atmosphere. Version - 30 Second Version 2

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90 BPM03:37
Drama - Orchestral. Spooky theme with lots of dynamics. Full Mix
Fanfare horn call to eerie circular dramatic strings light to shade
145 BPM00:33
Medium up tempo insistent powerful work orchestral underscore 30SecAltv2Undrscr
62 BPM07:54
Solemn and threatening, featuring flowing strings, brass and percussion that create a perplexing, gloomy mood.
85 BPM01:17
New World, discovery, New York, achievement, North America
Eerie mysterious woodwind and brass dangerous tense atmosphere
High strings expectant danger
97 BPM00:30
Medium up tempo heavy ponderous serious documentary orchestral pulsed strings and heavy brass 30Sec
109 BPM01:55
Symphonic orchestra with tremolo strings intro and orchestra theme. Version - Full Mix
Mysterious empty atmosphere building drama
125 BPM01:22
Opens with deep strings and percussion into lighter romantic string theme before heavier ending
Serious orchestral detective dramatic brass and pulsed strings
111 BPM03:00
Big brass and percussion led opening turning into a creepy atmospheric bed.
72 BPM01:05
Imposing ominous danger strings brass percussion
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