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113 BPM03:09
Rhythmic intro / Theme at :25 / Bass gimiick at 1:00 / Rhythmic synths at 1:17 / Back to theme at 2:16. Version - Full Mix

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124 BPM02:29
Freshly packed indie pop goodness featuring upfront guitar hook line. This party goes on!
138 BPM02:21
Whacky surf rock meets quirky funk pop complete with surf guitars, sampled vocals, saxes, driving drums, cheesy organ and thumpin' bass.
130 BPM02:25
Fascinating instruments like Koto and Guzheng in rhythm with strings, bass and drums accompanied by funky pop vocals - a title that is simply fun. 130 BPM. Full mix.
110 BPM01:01
Electronica - Pop. Funky tune that conjures images of a 70's cop show that's a mix of those "3 beauties" and the Hawaiian detectives. Uplifting, action, simple yet effective riff piece; funk bass, strings and a funky ass drums. Full Mix.
123 BPM02:55
Shifting and shaking house bouncer with funky bass and guitar. Shuffling Brazil House. 123bpm. Main Mix.
120 BPM02:35
Funk - Soul. Easy going and funky with great guitar lick. Full Mix
123 BPM02:07
Low ridin' 70's funk track, with trippy fat bass, swaggered wah wah guitars, steady drums, energy infused hand claps, punchy brass touches and oh so good male vocal Ahh hits. Good time fun! Perfect addition to your Film, Reality TV, Commercial, Ad, Game Show, or Travel/Vacation. Jazzy Groove, Summer Vibe, Funk Power.
130 BPM01:49
High energy, upbeat drums opens with happy, off beat guitars. Quick vintage bass brings good times. Funky guitar solos, slides off, then picks up into easy jam. Moving bass line builds energy. Repeat of funky guitar solo, then simplified jam builds with excited rolling toms into confident bass finish.
110 BPM03:00
Rough and ready funky guitar, synths and drum kit with a fun atmosphere
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