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80 BPM01:00
Calm fender piano theme with jazz guitar solo. Version - Underscore 60 Second Version 1

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159 BPM05:17
Medium slow tempo gentle trekking movement modern travel easy music easy listening ethnic instruments dance rhythm voice sounds swingbeat
88 BPM03:25
World - Electronic. Gentle evolving percussion and pads conjure images of African plains. Full Mix
120 BPM04:35
Chilled drifting vocoder vocals
92 BPM03:05
World - New Age. Electric guitar melody floats over airy pads and rain effects as all is propelled by a light rhythm loop.
150 BPM03:49
Water drops with circling piano and electro fx, rhythmic and Indian percussion. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM02:52
Easy background. Version - Full Mix
115 BPM03:47
Relaxed easy ambient chill
120 BPM01:55
120 BPM01:55
A gentle yet atmospheric track with glossy bell piano, spacey synths and floating flute lines. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM02:50
Relaxed and soothing, great for advertising or commercial purposes.
80 BPM05:00
Electro down tempo with acoustic guitar. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM02:15
Urban - Mysterious urban beat. Full Mix.
152 BPM04:29
World - Acoustic. Slow moving, relaxed, features big pads, sparse piano & memorable acoustic guitar theme. Sensual and sentimental. The sparse piano brings an underwater feel to the piece. Full Mix
80 BPM03:50
Ostinato flute recorder with french horn. Version - Full Mix
66 BPM04:03
Beautiful panoramic imagery
100 BPM03:12
100 BPM03:12
Mellow theme on steady beat. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM02:20
Relaxed and chill with a New Age sound.
98 BPM03:10
Medium tempo easy relaxed Latin gentle mood travel
84 BPM03:58
Electro down temp, laidback beat, repetitive and catchy gimick with small bells and acoustic guitar. . Version - Full Mix
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