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131 BPM00:31
Hard rock guitar theme with rhythmics. Version - 30 Second Version 1

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130 BPM02:02
Hard rock guitar theme with rhythmics. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM03:00
Electronic - Rock. Positive bold big beat and electric guitar rhythmic embellishments in a driving and intense track. Full Mix.
136 BPM02:34
Electronic - Rock. Determined guitar hits with a cool heavy beat. Great underscore piece. Full Mix
125 BPM01:02
Comedy - Humor - Kids. Upbeat electronica with crunch guitar. Full Mix.
117 BPM00:33
Strong rhythmic, saturated guitar theme. Version - 30 Second
92 BPM02:14
Rock - Psychedelic. This is a classic rock mid tempo truck. With tons of, 70s influences. The soul of Jimi Hendrix dances with the guitars. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:00
Pre-game intro power rock. Version - Full Mix
117 BPM00:30
Strong rhythmic with saturated guitar theme. Version - 30 Second
124 BPM00:33
124 BPM00:33
Country - Country rock that starts with out bass and is introduced as track plays on. Breakbeat drum beat ends the set. Medium. Full Mix.
124 BPM00:33
Rock, Sports - Sports, Jingles. Rocking with some great guitar work. Medium. 124 BPM. Full Mix
120 BPM01:03
Rock - Alternative. 90's alternative electronica groove with a lively and fun electric guitar. Version: 60 Second
118 BPM02:18
Electronic - Dance. Funk, retro rock and electronica big beats for a powerful track. Full Mix
135 BPM01:52
Drama - Sports, Rock. Dynamic guitar riff driven imposing rock sports theme. Full Mix.
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