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124 BPM00:32
Marimba and electric bass with bubbles FX and circus atmosphere. Version - 30 Second Version 1

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122 BPM02:10
Symphonic orchestra with flute and glockenspiel theme. Version - Full Mix
126 BPM01:06
Comedy - Romantic. Light-Hearted orchestral romp. Full Mix.
126 BPM01:06
Children - Comedy - Cartoon. Light-hearted orchestral romp. Full Mix.
140 BPM02:05
Rollicking lively march through toon town
89 BPM01:06
Comedy - Humor - Kids. Light-hearted orchestral romp. Full Mix.
119 BPM01:23
The Fun of Christmas - Bright & chirpy - Busy elves
143 BPM02:33
Fast, glamorous orchestral show tune with a dramatic drum roll intro. Version - Full Mix
126 BPM02:12
Dining out on an oompah soundtrack. Fast-paced light orchestral eccentricity with happy-go-lucky accordion melody and woodwind ripples.
110 BPM02:31
Drama comedy, violin feature, uptempo, sharp, snappy and bouncy
126 BPM02:02
Playful upbeat theme with a bright, whimsical feel, fun, fresh and friendly.
106 BPM01:23
The Fun of Christmas - Animated & playful - A special delivery
134 BPM02:42
Upbeat orchestral show tune with fanfare opening, confident and with a sense of achievement. Version - Full Mix
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