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160 BPM00:30
Calm fender piano theme with jazz guitar solo. Version - Sound Ambience 30 Second

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120 BPM03:17
Electric guitar melodies on an easy beat. Version - Full Mix
150 BPM02:29
World - Reggae. Tinkling piano with hint of reggae and warm deep glow. Full Mix.
150 BPM02:07
Rock - Ballad. The concluding section of this simple but sweet melody. Full Mix.
118 BPM03:31
Easy rock background electric guitar
94 BPM02:58
Movie & TV Scores - Easy Listening. Twin Peaks meets Lounge Chris Isaak Spooky Mysterious Moody Slow. Full Mix.
120 BPM03:15
Strong electric guitar riff, rock'n roll attitude, sexy and groovy. Version - Full Mix
152 BPM01:37
Rock - Progressive. Acoustic guitar, perc and keyboards with beautiful electric guitar melody. Full Mix.
95 BPM03:04
Relaxing and soothing with pads and electric guitar licks.
87 BPM02:35
Laidback and chill, great for relaxing situations.
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