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87 BPM00:30
Synthetic ambience with echo and brass theme. Version - 30 Second
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86 BPM02:28
Synthetic ambience with echo and brass theme. Version - Full Mix
94 BPM02:10
Dreamy & soporific. Organ & sound design with French horn melody. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM02:05
Classical - Ambient. Ambient classical music. Full Mix.
95 BPM01:08
Glimmering synth tones mysteriously swell and dive into each other with occasional bell percussion pops. Version - Full Mix
45 BPM03:35
Minimal, ethereal atmospheres; unearthly transformative observations. Graceful and ghostly with bowed glockenspiel and vibraphone.
76 BPM03:39
A bass note drones under bells and synthesizers for a hypnotic, new age tinged holiday song. Instrumental. Main version.
120 BPM01:44
Sad children, hopeful, ballad, romantic, autumn, impromptu. Tempo: fast. Lead. instr.: organ (Emanuel Stephan PETR Orgelbau Prag 1898) . Solo - Organ. Full Mix
121 BPM02:30
Glockenspiel bassoon sequence and accordion theme. Version - Full Mix
93 BPM02:35
Kettle drums strike like distant thunder beneath layers of floating synths and ethnic woodwinds. Version - Full Mix
114 BPM02:04
TV/Film - Atmospheric. A hymn for organ that speaks of both loss and hope.. Full Mix.
115 BPM01:00
Specialty - Commercial. Traditional Christmas song about the joy's of the holiday. Version: Full Mix 60 Second
153 BPM01:39
Solemn, tuneful. Version - Full Mix
103 BPM02:06
Corporate - Atmospheric. Light melancholy French horn opens with staccato computer notes and an ethereal vocal and strings bed. Ends with a dreamy harp. Full Mix.
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