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67 BPM00:31
Relaxing fretless bass theme. Version - 30 Second

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152 BPM00:33
Romantic - Easy Listening, Jingles. Slow moving, relaxed, features big pads, sparse piano and memorable acoustic guitar theme. 152 BPM. Full Mix
120 BPM01:55
120 BPM01:55
A gentle yet atmospheric track with glossy bell piano, spacey synths and floating flute lines. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM03:21
Easy background with friendly guitar and piano melodies. Version - Full
160 BPM00:33
World - Exotic, Jingles. Melancholy, ethnic flute and drums. 160 BPM. Full Mix
87 BPM01:26
World nature fresh optimistic
90 BPM02:11
A rich, emotional soundscape set to chilled out piano marimba, shaker and side stick, this track will add tension, beauty and sadness. What is like without pain? Electronic - Ambient. 90 BPM. Full.
80 BPM03:08
Female vocals gimmick with electro fx, nonchalant and repetitive. Version - Full Mix
Light easy trekking haunting motion
120 BPM00:32
Light, Easy - Easy, Jingles. Title says it all. Ambient, atmospheric prettiness, features some vocal Ooh. Slow. 120 BPM. Full Mix
86 BPM01:38
World - New Age. Relaxing ethereal pads under funky electric guitar picking with a bizarre syncopated drum and percussion pattern. Narration versions play without drums.
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