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120 BPM02:19
A slowly building, triumphant sounding orchestral track with pop drums and lower strings gradually climbing in pitch and intensity for a dramatic rise to victory. Version - Full Mix
110 BPM02:44
Driving pop drums, breezy acoustic guitar and electric bass join zesty sounding string melodies with a positive attitude and a joyous spirit. Version - Full Mix
126 BPM02:44
Tender soundtrack full of innocent wonder building into a hopeful ending. Features piano, strings, brass and woodwinds.
156 BPM02:46
Rich sounding and easy-going strings with a light hip-hop drum loop and bright acoustic guitar creating a fresh, positive sounding union. Version - Full Mix
130 BPM02:10
Optimistic slow orchestral track without percussive elements.
132 BPM02:15
Cascading pianos introduce this magical, uplifting piece joined by sweeping strings, lively orchestral percussion and arpeggiating synths. POI @ 1:13 racing drums and tight bass lift up the tune as it flies with majestic strings, powerful brass and syncopated hits creating a soaring, invigorating anthem. Romantic - Comedy - Orchestral, Pop. 132 BPM. Full Mix
106 BPM02:22
Determined sounding with edgy sustained guitars supporting building strings and driving drums and leading to a full orchestra pinnacle. Version - Full Mix
153 BPM01:02
A more traditional World News track with big drum hits, bass, piano and an orchestral melody. Strings mark the entrance with the main theme melody and are then joined by timpani, brass, drum kit, bass and electric guitar. Version - 60 Second
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