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103 BPM02:02
Acoustic guitar, bass, drums and keyboard create the medium tempo groove in the front with electric sitar joining in for the melody. A new chromatic section, with march drums and arpeggiated acoustic guitar chords, comes in at 1:14, then leads back into . Version - Full Mix

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120 BPM02:05
Easy-going, laid back retro rock with a mellow acoustic guitar rhythm section underneath simple melodies. Version - Full Mix
128 BPM02:35
Acoustic guitar intro with guitar theme and rhythmics. . Version - Full Mix
94 BPM01:42
Bouncy and joyous country grooves with honky-tonk piano
131 BPM03:35
easygoing, delicate and warm, lively. piano, guitar, building with drums. an uplifting mid-tempo soundtrack for the pretty little things in life - C major, 131 BPM, Full Mix
154 BPM02:29
Country - Western - Modern. A tremolo soaked lead guitar makes you think of simpler times. Full Mix.
70 BPM02:15
Relaxed Happy Guitar With Drums. Version - Full Mix
78 BPM02:16
Dark acoustic guitar, synth pad and light percussion lead into a positive chorus with added electric guitars. Acoustic guitar plays an arpeggiated theme over a light synth pad with vibrato electric guitar slowly entering. The progression leads into a fu. Version - Full Mix
125 BPM01:59
A light-hearted, traveling tune to inspire the many possibilities of what to do on your summer vacation.
106 BPM02:12
Americana, Instrumental - Heartland sounds, Good Vibes, Medium Tempo, led by an acstc. Gtr. & backed by organ, bass, drums and piano BPM 106 Full Mix.
123 BPM01:42
Country influenced light travel features acoustic guitar
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