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142 BPM02:35
Harp and subtle orchestral gently ease into the song as the female vocal delivers the melody. Version - Full Mix
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65 BPM02:19
Curious and mild-mannered melodies wander into a gorgeous sentimental orchestral overture with intriguing, wistful themes. Version - Full Mix
73 BPM01:39
A solo glock plays a mysterious melody with vocals and strings joining in quickly after. Fast strings rise at :15 leading back to a variation of the glock melody with added strings, vocals and occasional woodwinds. Version - Full Mix
123 BPM03:40
Soaring Magical and mystical track. Melodic with angelic choirs. Version - Full Mix
164 BPM02:24
Basic long tones in the low brass and strings create a drone under the high strings ascending melody. The melody continues to build to the end, but goes against musical instinct and ends low and soft. Version - Full Mix
129 BPM02:35
Romantic, melodic, sweet, winsome, waltz. Version - Full Mix
70 BPM02:19
Dramatic, tension building orchestral string chords shift into a soft, emotional interlude between piano and woodwinds. Version - Full Mix
131 BPM02:26
Classical - Romantic. Lovely alternating string and woodwind parts in a tone that varies from serious to exuberant. Full Mix
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