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102 BPM02:14
ultra smooth guitar lounge - steamy sax @ :57 / 1:36. Version - Full Mix

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87 BPM05:16
Jazz - Trip Hop. Jazzy vibes and guitar over a trip hop drum beat. Version: Full Mix
86 BPM02:30
Slow sentimental jazz ballad. Touching and naive. Version - Full Mix
125 BPM01:02
Introspective swing. Guitar blows short solo over laid back vibes based swing groove. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM02:39
Guitar jazz trio deliver up a classy and sophisticated version of the traditional Christmas carol. Mellow guitar with unrushed upright bass and swing drums.
0 BPM01:41
Romantic, bright, drama, Film/TV, documentary, urban, poetic stories, people, nature, underscore, atmospheric, pulsating, flowing, melodic, smooth, mellow, contemporary acoustic, retro, lifestyle, lounge, instruments, electric guitar, latin
128 BPM01:03
Jazz - Commercial. Romantic dreamy jazz. Version: Full Mix 60 Second
102 BPM03:23
Acoustic bass, electric piano, brushes, trumpet and tenor sax carry the melody. Vibes solo with tenor solo.
120 BPM02:56
A slow walk in the moonlight. Version - Full Mix
89 BPM01:37
sunny and peaceful jazz guitar lines with a decent cocktail bar feel. mellow percussion. introducing: stacation! - 89 BPM, Full Mix
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