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90 BPM01:00
Relaxing by the shore, nylon guitar lead with light organ @ 0:52. Version - 60 Second

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90 BPM01:48
Relaxing by the shore, nylon guitar lead with light organ @ 0:52. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM02:05
Adult Contemporary - Smooth Jazz. Lovely piano and acoustic guitar melodies doubled for a powerful enhancing sonic effect. There is a touch of funkiness to this smooth positive cue. Full Mix.
158 BPM03:12
Laid back and unassuming with a Weather Channel quality. Adult contemporary Jazz vibe with funky bass and cool piano. Version - Full Mix
54 BPM03:12
54 BPM03:12
Easy loungy melodies
90 BPM02:10
Latin - Smooth Jazz. Let this cue catch you so you dont fall flat on your face. Soothing guitar and synth melodies are layered over electric guitar and piano backing. Full Mix.
97 BPM02:13
Adult Contemporary - Easy Listening. Soft Latin lounge inspired track with a dreamy feel to it. A chill-out groove, atmospheric string pads and an interesting heartfelt piano melody make this track emotional and thoughtful yet still relaxing. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:36
Atmospheric & Chill - Jazz - Chill Out, Lounge, Lifestyle, Fashion. Full Mix. BPM 100.
110 BPM01:46
Contemporary light jazz offshoot fashioned with contemporary R&B accents. Light piano intro with synth drums at :18. Version - Full Mix
95 BPM03:07
Confidently reflecting on success.
89 BPM02:20
Soul - Groove. Mid-tempo urban night groove with a sexy and smooth adult contemporary jazz feel. Full Mix.
136 BPM02:57
Adult Contemporary - Smooth Jazz - Contemporary. Slavonian melody with jazz harmonies in a crisp acoustic guitar and bass; strings add accents occasionally. Full Mix.
107 BPM03:13
Latin - Smooth Jazz. Spanish styled acoustic guitar parts with backing percussive elements and a dreamy kind of feel. Full Mix.
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