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94 BPM01:55
Edge of the stage guitar bounce with reverse vocal FX. Version - Full Mix

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85 BPM02:52
Twanging electric guitar and heavy drums begin this piece. Beat relaxes at 0:45 and 1:56. Guitar intesifies at 1:08 and then repeats the beginning solo, as well as at 2:24. Rock - Garage Rock. Full Mix.
155 BPM00:51
Rock - Hard Rock. Driving drums and bass with a catchy distorted guitar melody. Kinda reminds me of travelling in a metal blimp... Full Mix Full Mix.
84 BPM01:39
Aggressive and psychedeliv with lots of raw edge and power. Obtuse and conflicted lead guitars drive down a windy, intoxicated road in a big truck of terrifyingly huge rock rhythms. Version - Full Mix
95 BPM02:12
Van Halen style slow pounder with an upbeat mood.
130 BPM02:27
Grooving rock in 6/8 time with slide guitar and very dramatic interlude. Version - Full Mix
95 BPM00:52
Rock - Alternative. Youthful pop rock. Acoustic strumming guitar taken over by slamming power chords. Full Mix.
90 BPM02:23
Bold and determined revival rock beginning layers to intense, frenzied and passionate finish.
94 BPM00:53
Rock - Alternative. Gen X attitude, full on rock track. Full Mix.
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