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116 BPM00:35
Vocal Benchmark. Version - Full Mix

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140 BPM01:03
Electronica - Dance. Beat-dominated dance feature with vocals. Full Mix.
130 BPM01:05
Electronic - Soundtrack. Sci fi pads with dramatic score via synth, percussion and scratches. Full Mix.
140 BPM01:03
Vocals - Techno - Trance, House. Atmospheric groove with airy female vocals and steady beats. Full Mix.
138 BPM01:04
Electronic - Hard Core, Techno. Shoot out, ok, lets see what hes made of. Full Mix.
140 BPM01:01
:10 of set-up here, then a hard change to a rhythmic bed. This is faster than the others...will carry v/o well. Hey you guys asked for intense, rhythmic tracks...well, here you go. Version - 60 Second
144 BPM00:54
Corporate - Rock. Fast tempo rock with driving jungle beat. 50 Second.
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