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140 BPM03:10
Dark and ominous industrial drone builds with pounding militant drums, dirty synths and epic orchestral brass and strings.

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115 BPM02:26
Pumping with tense, dystopian energy this stunning cinematic thriller stalks its prey with dark synths, sinister guitars, unnerving textures, futuristic sound design and hypnotic drums creating a tense, adrenaline-inducing build. Shadowy, climactic and intense. #FringeOfReality
98 BPM02:11
Distorted processed synths collide with massive drums propelling this dangerous underscore, swarming with venomous sfx, into an apocalyptic battle.
86 BPM01:46
Waves of apprehension wash over you with ghostly pads, mysterious airy textures and deep bass. Low kicks and filtered percussion add weight keeping you locked in and awaiting the unknown POI at :47 a dynamic, powerful rhythm emerges with pulsing synths, driving rock drums and ominous tones injecting fear as the track rises to a thrilling conclusion. Devolution! Horror - Suspense - Electronic, Techno. 86 BPM. Full Mix
70 BPM02:14
Guitars drenched in overdrive and dark, ominous drones build on top of a red blooded beat.
86 BPM01:41
scary setting, huge reverberant synth thunder, stabs, metal guitar elements coming up, distorted, pending. industrial suspense scene - Full Mix
73 BPM02:09
This ominous, cinematic stunner will raise your pulse with relentless, earth-shaking horn/drone stabs, reverberating percussive hits, bending guitars, sinister textures and creepy fx. POI @ :56 powerful, pummeling drums sound the war cry as the darkness overtakes your senses. It's alive!
99 BPM02:01
Drama - Horror - Trailer. If the number 22 comes up in the conversation, you'll be sure to change the subject before things become detrimental to your spiritual health. A bloodcurdling harp line loop turns to a melodic synth line with massive rugged drum sounds and synth hits. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:01
synth layer, obscure percussion, stabs, fx. evil, forceful, ominous, unpredictable with a hint of violence - 120 BPM, Full Mix
94 BPM01:53
Tense, sharp electronic beats and synths create a sense of anticipation
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