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100 BPM02:50
Impending chello & bass rhythm with ghostly church organ. Version - Full Mix

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120 BPM03:07
Tense guitar slides & strings with sharp crotale accents. Version - Full Mix
124 BPM03:02
Quivering xylophone chords, prepared piano, marimba. Not necessarily in accordance with one another. Abstract, slightly bizarre. Embarking on an adventure outside of the rabbit hole to the world beyond, F minor, 124 BPM
120 BPM03:25
Distinguished timpani, distressing bowed metals, marimba drops, off piano chords. Persistent pounding @ 1'45. Extreme advancement, terrifying pursuit. The devil's quest, C minor, 120 BPM
80 BPM03:09
Sneaky detective themes mixed with bell and metal percussion all over long mysterious drones.
144 BPM02:03
Positive, driving, moving forward, steady motion, confident, exciting, optimistic, motivational, acoustic minimal, pulsating modern orchestral strings, repetitive, circular rhythmic pizzicato strings figures create a sense of contemporary factual motion, perfect for world news, progression, design, innovation, technology, science, soundscape, subtle, sparse, acoustic, minimalist, minimalism, ostinato, perpetual movement, precise, pulse, simple, organic, instruments, modern hybrid sound-design, simplicity, bed, texture, underscore, soundtrack, film, TV, documentary, report, observational, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, serious, investigative, story, boulevard, human concern, interest, social, promo, corporate, ads, new media, communication, research, economy, success, financial matters, industry, business, current affairs, politics, law, court, stock market, global, international, cosmopolitan, urban, culture, arts, style, architecture, literature
Creepy mysterious unsettled circular
Expectant pizzicato keyboard
60 BPM02:54
Odd tub hits over far-reaching pulse bass in a dark and uncertain matter. - Main Mix
126 BPM02:59
Gated pulses like a tripped needle on an old record player, amplifier still on. In a slow trance, delicate chimes, hypnotized by a dream. Dud prepared piano scales climbing and falling, quickening the pace, unseeing open eyes seemingly oblivious. Beautifully surreal, C minor, 126 BPM
104 BPM01:10
Slow gentle deep mysterious dramatic effects
129 BPM00:45
half drama echo-marimba-hits and pizzicato string section, somehow agitating but in a subtle way, 129 BPM, Full Mix
110 BPM02:18
Upcoming weather at the sea, shawm, approaching weather at the sea
140 BPM02:44
Subtle suspense pulse with tribal drums, water sounds and sinister strings
120 BPM02:31
Mysterious underwater movements accompanied by electronic instruments. 120 BPM. Full mix.
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