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131 BPM00:59
50s style African pop. Version - Main

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88 BPM01:53
Electronic - World. A festive and blue-haired cruise ship sets sail with their entertainment in place - an organist from the local strip mall, who invites his south-of-the-border brethren to join in their quest for the fountain of youth. Full Mix.
87 BPM02:19
Weird vocal accents and sounds, plucked guitar, metallic drums and an upbeat tempo
149 BPM02:19
Peruvian - World. Medium. 5/4 Peruvian groove led by percussive flutes and accompanied by warm rhythm guitars and fluid organ. 149 BPM. Full Mix.
105 BPM02:13
Children - Toddler. A tropical and breezy melody in the guitars and marimbas; a Caribbean getaway. Full Mix.
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