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120 BPM02:16
Chilling and lonely. Version - Main

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116 BPM01:31
Timid and nervous intro with a very subtle build
117 BPM03:42
Harsh interplanetary soundscape. Eerie,disturbing and frightening. A KINGSIZE favorite. Processed guitars-insane piano and bell synths. This is not your father's underscore choice. Peter gets to play guitar-That's Scary!!! Version - Full Mix
75 BPM01:14
High mysterious bell melodies chime over mysterious low synth tones with occasional string interruptions. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM02:33
Mystery, suspicion, huge family house in pleasant coastal setting, a dramedy taking place. Warm toy piano almost sounding like a gamelan, marimba tremolos, long bass strings. Lethal vibes with a quirky undertone, F minor, 90 BPM
100 BPM03:16
Bass flageolets, 7/4 time signature, custom-made metal percussion. Mythical, strange worlds, underwater, G dorian, 100 BPM
113 BPM02:56
Relaxing, meditating music with beating drones and meditation bowls.
80 BPM01:46
Eerie, obscure, suspense, tension, dangerous, floating, atmospheric, an ominous fragile music box track with a threatening ambience, deep dark drone, pulsating percussion sounds, minimal, texture, contemporary, underscore, cinematic, soundtrack, film, TV, documentary, report, journal, broadcast journalism, magazine, reportage, serious, news, story, boulevard, reality-tv, promo, trailer, movie, drama, new media, explore, discover, discovery, expedition, internet, cyber, crime, hacker, investigation, industry, science, people, human, true stories, destiny, biography, secret, mystery, twilight, psycho, psychodelic, thriller, horror, ghost, fantasy, sci-fi, tragedy, disaster, catastrophe, death, scary, foreboding, threat, danger, gloomy, lonely, lonesome, depressing, strange, bizarre, cryptic, theme, bed
0 BPM02:12
Drama - Suspense - Thriller, Adventure, Tension. BUILD: Violent, explosive, percussive impacts bombard the listener while the screeching, schizophrenic strings build to a frenzied climax. BED: Reversed delayed effects and verbed-out metallic percussion keep time, only to disappear into sparse piano and moody, sound design elements. Full Mix.
124 BPM03:02
Quivering xylophone chords, prepared piano, marimba. Not necessarily in accordance with one another. Abstract, slightly bizarre. Embarking on an adventure outside of the rabbit hole to the world beyond, F minor, 124 BPM
100 BPM01:30
Drama - Suspense. Heart-beat, Dread, Impending doom, Horror, Cinematic, Movie, Eerie, Suspense, Terror, Thriller, Orchestral, Beware, Europe. Full Mix.
140 BPM01:43
Creepy, mysterious music box, disturbing ambient swells
120 BPM02:13
Wondrous and enigmatic disclosures. Gently lilting piano and marimba motif with uncomplicated splashes of glock and gran cassa.
65 BPM02:49
65 BPM02:49
Drilling down into the detail to look for a crucial opening.
95 BPM03:07
Electronic pulses, minimalistic marimba like water drops, softly warped synths, slow, eerie. Positive tension, C minor, 95 BPM
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