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120 BPM01:01
Tense guitar slides & strings with sharp crotale accents. Version - 59 Second

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120 BPM03:07
Tense guitar slides & strings with sharp crotale accents. Version - Full Mix
156 BPM00:56
Choppy string quartet parts with a suspenseful and daunting attitude played in pizzicato.
110 BPM02:10
Drama - Romance. This bouncy and active piece is great for a romantic comedy.
100 BPM02:50
Impending chello & bass rhythm with ghostly church organ. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM02:31
Mysterious underwater movements accompanied by electronic instruments. 120 BPM. Full mix.
0 BPM02:03
Pulsating, suspense, atmospheric, mysterious, evolving, foreboding, tension, an ominous drum pulse creating a tensed mysterious atmosphere, a hypnotic heartbeat feel with evolving spacy percussion, Film/TV, movie, documentary, drama, trailer, promo, news stories, fiction, moving, atmosphere, tension, suspense, discovery, challenge, modern adventure, cliffhanger, expedition, travel, drive, flight, nature, wildlife, safari, hunting, africa, tribe, tribal dance, ethnic, ancient culture, archaic, history, cult, ritual, investigation, crime, thriller, mystery, mystic, fantasy, science, new media, video, computer game, commercial, ad, underscore, bed, theme, soundtrack, contemporary acoustic
129 BPM00:45
half drama echo-marimba-hits and pizzicato string section, somehow agitating but in a subtle way, 129 BPM, Full Mix
73 BPM01:26
Drama - Soundtrack. Thrilling march in the deserts of the Sahara with full string arrangements. Version: Full Mix
124 BPM03:02
Quivering xylophone chords, prepared piano, marimba. Not necessarily in accordance with one another. Abstract, slightly bizarre. Embarking on an adventure outside of the rabbit hole to the world beyond, F minor, 124 BPM
73 BPM02:13
Psychological drama. Pensive and minimalistic. Small cinematic ensemble featuring accordion, xylophone and glockenspiel, double bass and pizzicato strings. Full mix. Film/TV Styles - Documentary, Drama, Noir, Thriller/Suspense, Underscore. 73 BPM. Full Mix.
110 BPM01:02
Drama - Soundtrack. Curious string parts and drawn out clarinet notes make you wonder. 60 Second.
90 BPM02:33
Mystery, suspicion, huge family house in pleasant coastal setting, a dramedy taking place. Warm toy piano almost sounding like a gamelan, marimba tremolos, long bass strings. Lethal vibes with a quirky undertone, F minor, 90 BPM
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