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128 BPM00:30
Fresh & energetic with dirty guitar and edgy synths. Version - 29 Second

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128 BPM03:33
Fresh & energetic with dirty guitar and edgy synths. Version - Full Mix
130 BPM02:24
Rock - Alternative. An alternative, upbeat and happy rock piece. Catchy and fun, this piece is easy to listen to. Full Mix.
128 BPM01:34
Invoking, cheeky, springy guitar base drifting the track further. Break @00:47 with rocky distorted guitar only. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:26
Electronic - Dance, Sports. Distorted guitar leads with the usual dance track filled with sfx bed. Very trendy rock vibe. Full Mix.
130 BPM02:04
Pop - Electro. Pop, Charts, Teen, Youth, Contemporary, rogue Guitar riff, pulsating electronic rock with dance feel. Full Mix.
126 BPM02:34
126 BPM02:34
Blistering rock riffs over club beats. A stripped back B-section exposes the gutteral, moog bass before the beat snaps back, giving the listener a funky ride to the very end. A fun and rockin' example of when old meets new. Hip - Hop, Electronic. 126 BPM. Full.
128 BPM01:55
dry electronic 4-to-the-floor indie pop rock featuring tight guitars & energetic dance beat. driving theme @ 0'19. dynamic upbeat with a fresh, positive attitude - 128 BPM, Full Mix
128 BPM02:22
Confident positive Electro-Pop tune with rock synthesizer, pulsing bass and electrifying guitars. Break with synthesizer starts @ 1:16. Full Mix.
128 BPM02:27
Happy and positive electro pop song with a confident beat, electric guitars and synths. Linear structure. Version - Full Mix
130 BPM01:58
Driving rousing electro rock - vocal hits from 0.28 - breakdown at 0.59 - youthful first time freedom
68 BPM02:42
Glossy electro beat and chopped guitars. Having it your way.
120 BPM02:14
Indie Pop With Elements Of Reggae. Version - Full Mix
136 BPM02:12
80's new wave rock, electric guitars, synth arpeggiators. on rollerblades through the city. lighthearted. fun and lots of positive energy - 136 BPM, Full Mix
130 BPM02:04
Have a blast as the apocalypse rolls in with this lumbering, thumping electro rock beast! Rave stabs and guitar riffs weave a funky rhythm over an ever building chord progression. Uplifting, evocative, energy packed and HUGE!!! Dance. 130 BPM. Full.
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