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98 BPM00:30
Ethereal theme music for a utopian fantasy. Version - 30 Second

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Moody eerie drifting haunting feel
118 BPM01:43
Drama - Soundtrack. Delicate piano solo with somber undertones. Full Mix
55 BPM05:10
Spacious and mournful, featuring smooth synthesizer and piano that create a melancholy, pining mood.
65 BPM03:01
Burglary, computer crime, sci-fi, fiction, psycho terror, computer
88 BPM05:19
Soft gentle circular nature electric piano trumpet and oboe
115 BPM05:15
Aquatic ambience with strings, piano, and whale song. Version - Full Mix
114 BPM00:34
Scary underscore with piano, synths and ambient effects. Version - Full Mix
114 BPM02:11
Mysterious, tense, scary. A pulsating score builds as a crime scene unfolds and evidence is revealed. Slow tempo. Orchestral - Score, Suspense. 114 BPM. Full Mix.
146 BPM02:30
146 BPM02:30
Slow, moody atmosphere, slidey melody with a trace of science fiction feel.
108 BPM01:39
Atmospheric - Easy Listening. The drama builds in this climactic fantasy piece. Full Mix.
109 BPM01:38
Atmospheric - Classical - Ambient. Rippling, distant, and elevated. Full Mix.
Slow mysterious sparse piano and dark eerie atmosphere
130 BPM02:56
Solo classical guitar playing a melancholy arrangement. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM01:24
Piano with modern strings and hybrid sound design, memories of a different time, film, TV, docu
132 BPM01:50
Spacious sound design leads to BIG reveal then dies away... Version - Full Mix
83 BPM01:35
This castle, although abandoned for years, seems to have a life of its own. Dare you to spend the night?! Version - Full Mix
73 BPM02:11
Thoughtful piano with chanting choir. Spiritual & uncertain. Floating, drifting, thoughtful & reflective. Climate change, weather.
128 BPM02:35
Drama - Soundtrack. Solo dramatic piano that is soft and tranquil. Full Mix
164 BPM01:04
Drama - Sound Design. Very emotionally changing track with somber piano and very emotive vocal parts. Full Mix
120 BPM01:45
back-plucked electric baritone-guitar with a dark, bell-like tone; piano and softly meandering string orchestra creating a fateful cinematic atmosphere, Full Mix
0 BPM01:59
Light tension track with piano strings and kalima
82 BPM01:01
Main Version - Modern orchestral with piano, cellos and double bass line, electronics.
120 BPM04:15
World - Electronica. Temple bells and ethereal atmos combine to make a heavenly sounds cape. Full Mix
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