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101 BPM03:53
Future disco lounge. Glamorous strings, suave beats and relaxed funkiness for elegant people and stylish places. 101 BPM. Full mix.

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87 BPM02:58
Cool, smooth swagger drips off this Big Apple beat.
110 BPM02:12
Urban - R&B. Confident and bright, with a self-assured attitude built for taking on the day (in a corporate-training-video sort of way). Features a bass player just happy for a gig and guitarist who idolizes The Artist Formerly Known As. Full Mix.
102 BPM02:07
RnB. R&B, Rhythm, Blues, Soul, Afro, American, Urban, Beats, Groovy, Funky, Swagger, Cool, Relaxed, Medium. Full Mix. 102 BPM.
95 BPM03:58
Smooth silky laid-back funk groove
106 BPM02:34
Cool and funky with simple tune. The cat's pajamas! Version - Full Mix
93 BPM02:37
smooth stylish groove - piano hooks & vocal/guitar melody. Version - Full Mix
98 BPM02:52
Atmospheric & Chill - Jazz - Chill Out, Lounge, Lifestyle, Fashion. Full Mix. BPM 98.
110 BPM02:26
110 BPM02:26
Stylish slice of funk bass, upbeat horns and guitar. Version - Full Mix
102 BPM02:23
fancy cool cars, leather jackets and sunglasses needed for this tune with slap bass and 80s funk influence, G minor, 102 BPM
110 BPM02:30
Smooth rhodes intro before the disco beat drops. A colorful room with a funky guitar, exotic percussion and cool horn section. Picture yourself on the dance floor having the time of your life. A dramatic part @01:28 with brass and timpani. 110 Bpm. Full Mix.
104 BPM03:19
Slinky seventies styled jazz funk soulful and sexy. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM00:33
Funk - Funk, Hip, Groovy, Laid back.
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