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122 BPM04:20
Mysterious and ethereal pads intro takes off into space funk with cosmic synth, quirky clavinet, propelling percussions and beat. 122 BPM, Full Mix

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120 BPM02:17
Funky break-beats and filtered basslines roll over syncopated picked guitars. Pulsing chords settle in building to the end of the track, and a squelchy acid lead kicks in half way through. A modern ode to the 70's halcyon days of funk. Breaks - Electronic. 120 BPM. Full.
106 BPM01:20
Funk & Soul - Kitsch Retro Lounge - Comedy, Latin, World, Jazz. Full Mix. BPM 106.
132 BPM02:03
Funky song with happy bass pattern. Easy listening and funk/disco mood. Evokes party preparations when boys and girls are so happy to party with friends. Version - Full Mix
124 BPM02:15
Slick drums and bass propel this tight funk track, along with spanky clavinet, claps, sampled vocal riffs and electric piano, all grooving underneath a cosmic battle between rabid synth and blazing organ leads.
110 BPM01:34
Rock - Pop - Alternative. A soul explosion with tons of funk and rock attitude. Full Mix. Fast tempo. BPM 110.
126 BPM02:22
Bubbling, swirling synth swipes and snappy, vivacious beats back funky rhodes and retro bass lines that evoke playful, quirky fun that's brimming with energy.
121 BPM01:31
Children & Comedy - Quirky, Children. Funky Fun Children, Active Kids, Tweenyboppers, Jump Up And Down, Dance, Play, Fun, Positive, Sunshine, Happy Days, Upbeat, Electronic, Beats, Groovy, Energetic, Cheery, Joy, Colourful, Bright, Sunny, Sunshine, Carefree, Happy-Go-Lucky, Chipper, Friendly, Smile, Holiday, Growing Up, Innocent, Cute, Happy, Skipping, Dinosaurs, Silly, Joyous, Educational, Sharing, Flowers, Gardens, Kiddie, Hide And Seek, Games, Giddy, Jolly, Cheeky. Full Mix.
124 BPM02:38
Cool and laid back bass driven groove. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM03:13
Pulling a late one' vibes to make that deadline. Groovy House. 120bpm. Main Mix.
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