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73 BPM02:13
Psychological drama. Pensive and minimalistic. Small cinematic ensemble featuring accordion, xylophone and glockenspiel, double bass and pizzicato strings. Full mix. Film/TV Styles - Documentary, Drama, Noir, Thriller/Suspense, Underscore. 73 BPM. Full Mix.

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107 BPM02:10
Best "Quirky", quirky and eccentric comedy, funny and eerie, surreal and weird mood, spooky and otherworldly. (NLM09503)
107 BPM02:10
Quirky and eccentric comedy, funny and eerie, surreal and weird mood, spooky and otherworldly.
120 BPM02:16
Chilling and lonely. Version - Main
80 BPM03:50
Sewer, drainage, bunker, solo bass clarinet
121 BPM03:28
Off the beaten track with this brooding electro latin crossover. Opening bar ambience with a dusting of piano noodlings with smokey vocal chants.
148 BPM01:12
Drama - Romance. An emotional, childlike, and whimsical piece.
120 BPM03:07
Tense guitar slides & strings with sharp crotale accents. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM01:09
Hiding something, concealing,hiding, hidden, concealment
76 BPM02:31
Slow lilting piano chords with soothing sound design & vocal Aah's. Laid back serenity. Sunrise & sunset, summer sun. Easy listening, paradise.
90 BPM02:33
Mystery, suspicion, huge family house in pleasant coastal setting, a dramedy taking place. Warm toy piano almost sounding like a gamelan, marimba tremolos, long bass strings. Lethal vibes with a quirky undertone, F minor, 90 BPM
120 BPM02:31
Mysterious underwater movements accompanied by electronic instruments. 120 BPM. Full mix.
124 BPM03:02
Quivering xylophone chords, prepared piano, marimba. Not necessarily in accordance with one another. Abstract, slightly bizarre. Embarking on an adventure outside of the rabbit hole to the world beyond, F minor, 124 BPM
126 BPM02:59
Gated pulses like a tripped needle on an old record player, amplifier still on. In a slow trance, delicate chimes, hypnotized by a dream. Dud prepared piano scales climbing and falling, quickening the pace, unseeing open eyes seemingly oblivious. Beautifully surreal, C minor, 126 BPM
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