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120 BPM01:53
World - New Age. Frolicking staccato female operatic vocals. Full Mix
128 BPM02:32
Drama - Soundtrack. Riders are comming! Huge orchestral score evoking knight troops riding thru the fantasy empire. Full Mix
90 BPM01:55
Classical & Orchestral - Pastoral. Palatial, Stately Homes, Heritage, Sumptuous, Grand, Imposing, Opulent, Plush Regal, Classical, Strings, Woodwind, Orchestral, Reflection, Hopeful, English, Period Drama, Nostalgia, Possibility, Jane Austen, Manor, Stately, Ballroom, Grand, Palace, Luxurious, Magnificent, Art, Architecture, Castles, Old World Charm, Majestic. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:28
A warmhearted piano theme is joined by a compassionate sounding orchestra to create a picturesque image of the countryside. Version - Full Mix
142 BPM02:35
Harp and subtle orchestral gently ease into the song as the female vocal delivers the melody. Version - Full Mix
84 BPM03:19
A Tim Burton atmosphere, somewhere between Sleepy Hollow and The Little Red Riding Hood, between dream and nightmare. Reverberated piano, harp & strings. Version - Full Mix
135 BPM01:55
Floral and beautiful orchestral piece for a lifetime of liesurely summer's days
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