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110 BPM02:09
World - Ethnic - African. Percussion-based African feature. Full Mix.

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113 BPM04:32
Jazz - Blues - Smooth. Contemporary Light Rock Keyboard. Full Mix.
113 BPM04:35
Corporate - Technology. Contemporary light rock jazz. Full Mix.
100 BPM02:05
Adult Contemporary - Easy Listening. Uptempo bossa nova. Full Mix
110 BPM03:04
Bass driven groove with female vocals and organ. . Version - Full Mix
104 BPM04:14
Pop - Folk. Evocative folk pop music. Full Mix.
105 BPM04:20
World - Latin. She's still there in the streets...all crazed and proud... tea somebody?....well, what can you do about it it's her way to live... and she loves it like that I bet ya. Full Mix
98 BPM03:26
Atmospheric - Evocative, Vocal Effects. Tinkling piano, emotional and graceful vocal with slight Caribbean feel. Full Mix
112 BPM01:45
112 BPM01:45
Up beat soft tribal rhythms and zither create an enthusiastic backdrop to a tribal reunion. Warm strings and flute add sentimentality and joyousness. Ambient. 112 BPM. Full.
160 BPM02:44
Latin - Salsa. Happy Latin track featuring piano and guitar with a salsa feel. Full Mix.
110 BPM03:41
Rhythmics with hooting fx intro and driving rhythmics with guitar and percussion. Version - Full Mix
117 BPM02:58
World - Action. Rich percussive feel, Rio carnival atmosphere with Santana styled guitar. Groovy and relaxing, the steady bongo beat suggests activities. Full Mix
100 BPM02:51
Soaring woodwinds over rhythmic and ambient percussion. Version - Full Mix
90 BPM03:04
90 BPM03:04
Atmospheric groove with "tempo count in" vocal hooks, spoken male vocals old school synth bass. Version - Full Mix
108 BPM04:40
A nice motive over a groovy beat with a jazzy acoustic piano just sitting on a top and an overdrived el. guitar in a latin-rock bridge.
100 BPM02:33
electronic beats, rolling bass, funky flute, & soulful guitar. Version - Full Mix
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