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126 BPM01:56
This robo-funked, electro/disco party jam blasts off with 808 drums, funky bass, brass stabs, infectious disco guitars and vocodor/robot synth vox. POI @ :46 half time breakdown then back to 4 on the floor drums drive this space-funk, party rocket through the stratosphere! Dance - Promo, Commercial. 126 BPM. Full Mix.

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107 BPM02:24
Driving glitch-hop with sonic twists and turns! Hard funk, phat 80s synths and floaty atmospherics make funky bedfellows.
100 BPM02:58
Choppy micro funk. Dance floor killer. Seriously funkin! Version - Full Mix
125 BPM02:17
Electro, funk and disco all come together in this party-rockin' dance track filled with wondrous wah-wah guitars, funked-up bass, hyper synth stabs and tight, groovy drums. POI @ :30 get loose with wandering synth lead, relentless bass and beefy rhythm. That's right! Dance - Electronic, Disco. 125 BPM. Full Mix.
100 BPM01:08
Very intense saw waves and oscillations are led by a heavy beat with for an aura of fighting or battle. Medium. Heavy Version.
108 BPM02:20
Incoming transmission! You'll find more than paper jams in this feel-good, funked-up electro banger! Tech-fx bleep under a stack of glitchy synths, deep sliding bass and beefy, groovy drums. POI @ :28 a big chorus synth bends and dives over the hypnotic groove for a riff-a-licious ride. Are we out of ink? Electronic - Dance, Electro. 108 BPM. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:15
Dynamic, Energy, Positive, Punchy, Action, Powerful, Sport, Adrenaline, Independent, Confident, Youth Fashion, Lifestyle, Indie Electro, Active, Teenager, Attitude, Pop, Video Games, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, City, Chemical, Modern, Design, Nightclub, Clubbing, Party, Relationships. Electro, Electronic - Sport, Indie Electro. 110 BPM. Instrumental.
123 BPM02:02
Larger than life kick drum punches underneath pulsing sound effects and a lush synth melody. Version - Full Mix
125 BPM02:00
Electro - Electronica, Beats, Dance. Chart, Club, Urban Electro, DJ, Beat, Groovy, Fashion, Electronica, Electronic, Drums, Bass, Synthesizer, Vocal FX, Medium. Full Mix. 125 BPM.
98 BPM01:07
Hip Hop - Urban - Retro. A phat synth bass and kick drum set up this eccentric banger. A unique new/retro hybrid head-nodder filled with acoustic guitars, funky clavs, pulsing synths, trippy fx and plenty of attitude! 98 bpm. Full Mix.
135 BPM02:29
Funky and upbeat with clean electric guitar grooves and retro synthesizer melody effects.
126 BPM03:35
Punchy compressed breaks and dirty bass groove with mellow breakdown sections! - Main Mix
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