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140 BPM03:07
Masterfully performed, this romantic, organic merengue brings the summer taste of Dominican Republic with fire filled guiro, intricate brass, energetic piano, bass, and sweet sazon.

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195 BPM02:33
Classic homemade salsa from La Isla Bonita of Puerto Rico. Taste the richness of it's streets as the sound of the powerful brass section, sax solos, piano tumbaos, bass and intricate duets fill your night with Latin flavor and romance!
125 BPM02:04
Latin - Salsa. Authentic Authentic Salsa Dura. Live brass and percussion beat along with piano and baby bass in this lively and upbeat piece.
120 BPM03:06
Cha, cha and thrice cha Cuban heels with sex appeal. Salsa Mambo. 120bpm. Main Mix.
110 BPM01:51
Beat - Advertising - Promotion - Rock, Quirky. Get swept away to the sweet sounds of Havana with this dynamic, feel-good groover. Tight brass, proud baritone sax and smooth bass let loose over a hypnotic mambo rhythm that commands you to join in and shake it! POI @ :37 a nimble, jazzy piano lays down a sweet line that leads into call and answer brass sections injected with irresistible Latin percussion. Elegant, exotic and energized! Mambito! 110 BPM. Full Mix.
0 BPM02:31
Energetic, moving, happy and positive mambo theme with latin bigband, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, urban, lifestyle, party, fun, holiday, beach, feel good, travel, world, ethnic, cuba, mambo, salsa, southamerica, carribean, latin, dance, emotion, humor, comedy, cartoon, themes, trailer, promo's, underscore, bed, easy listening, lounge, homepage, instrument, contemporary acoustic, melodic
102 BPM01:41
A carefree Latin jam with multiple saxophone melodic adventures being broken up by sharp trumpet and trombone blasts. Easy-going and fun sounding piano, upright bass and hand percussion percolate underneath. Version - Full Mix
109 BPM02:39
Medium up tempo bright happy Salsa fun features hot brass
93 BPM02:04
Latin - World - Ethnic. Hot salsa with live brass and vocals. Full Mix.
135 BPM02:16
Latin - World - Ethnic. Brass and percussion cha cha feature. Full Mix.
195 BPM02:46
Dancing shoes required to totally immerse yourself in this irresistible Colombian salsa, complete with sax solos, dancing piano, bass, soaring brass section and a complete Latin percussion ensemble. This one brings the heat!
127 BPM01:01
Hot, burning salsa with brass hits, swells and flute fills.
103 BPM02:18
Latin - Salsa. Authentic An authentic taste of Salsa Dura. A bit of Puerto Rican style thrown in for good measure for any who want to feel like they're walking the streets of the Barrio in New York. Live Brass, percussion, bass and piano pound out the Latin rhythm.
108 BPM02:29
Salsa - Latin - Salsa. Crossover Salsa with a sizzling piano montuno and heartfelt trumpet solos. Catchy vocals and Latin percussion give it energy and drive. Full Mix
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