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156 BPM01:01
Level-up! Bounce along with this super-fun, up-tempo arcade/chiptune rendition of the Christmas classic racing with a flurry of blippy 8-bit synths, zippy arps, fizzy bass and POI at :30 frantic digital drums. Whimsical, fresh and invigorating. Special Occasions/Christmas - Christmas, Electronic, Electro Pop, Pop, Dance. 156 BPM. Full Mix.

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164 BPM01:01
Deck the halls with frantic, arcade-style synth blips, racing hats and bumpy bass in this smile-inducing, whimsical chiptune remake of the classic carol. POI at :30 galloping digital drums and a fury of call-and-answer arcade synths join in for dizzying, feel-good finale! Special Occasions/Christmas - Christmas, Electronic, Electro Pop, Pop, Ska. 164 BPM. Full Mix.
191 BPM01:02
We bring sonic gifts of frolicking 8-bit synth arps, glorious digital harpsichord, waltzing electronic drums, punchy bass and fizzy call-and-answer keys in this chiptune rendition of this playful, joyous Christmas favorite. Special Occasions/Christmas - Christmas, Electronic, Electro Pop, Pop. 191 BPM. Full Mix.
137 BPM02:48
Catchy chase activity theme with a busy melody and light tension, featuring vocal Gotcha effect.
170 BPM01:23
Light and friendly children's theme. Children - Happy. 170 BPM. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:49
Fun and bright theme with a catchy melody and foot tapping beat.
140 BPM01:22
Friendly synth melody with a busy rhythm, happy kids activity with a tech sound.
126 BPM02:21
Jaunty and quirky kids track with a reggae feel, suitable for title sequence, happy, fun, light.
150 BPM02:57
Up tempo track with a happy catchy melody, a silly percussive rhythm and a quirky Bavarian flavour.
160 BPM01:12
Children - Pre-School. Play time, pre-school music for kids. 160 bpm. Full Mix.
145 BPM02:05
Children - Electronic. An up-tempo, lighthearted track with silly instruments. Full Mix.
145 BPM02:05
Children - Toddler. An easy and breezy trumpet melody backed by upbeat synth and bass parts. Full Mix.
141 BPM02:03
Children - Game Show. Game Show Fun. 141 bpm. Full Mix.
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