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135 BPM03:35
Romance - Pop - Alternative. Act One: Spunky rhythm setup highlighted with piano and trumpet (0-0:57). Act Two: Happy, upbeat love-rock theme (0:57-1:58). Act Three: Head-over-heals sing along love song (1:58-3:31). 135 bpm. Full Mix.

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130 BPM03:07
New wave 1980s style live band features guitar and piano
103 BPM01:44
driving, positive pop-rock tune. whistled interlude @ 0'19. energetic and optimistic with thoughtful ending - 103 BPM, Full Mix
88 BPM01:04
60 second version.
126 BPM02:39
Bouncy, Bright, Happy, Retro. Version - Full Mix
100 BPM01:34
100 BPM01:34
Classic pop with vocals. Version - Main
116 BPM03:01
Sophisticated neo classical rock instrumental. Harpsichord and guitar lead, peak @01:25. Retro atmosphere. Key A minor. 116 BPM. Full mix.
88 BPM01:37
Laid back grooves. Version - Main
134 BPM01:14
Promo - Contemporary. Cheerful bells, playful ukulele and bright hi-hats break open this can of sonic-sunshine while warm bouncy bass, snappy drums and smooth vocals join in and add a perfect breeze to go along. POI :37 light celeste, majestic mellotron strings and vibrato electric guitar lead the way and build you up for the glorious homecoming! Best. Day. Ever. Full Mix
128 BPM01:08
Pop - Commercial - Promotion. A playful, bouncy piano sets this tune in motion. Child-like bells, woodwinds and panned drums add movement and create a vivacious, happy mood. Unique and carefree, this sparkly sonic gem is just the right pick! 128 bpm. Full Mix.
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