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150 BPM01:59
This uplifting, energetic track features melodic bass, playful piano, fun guitars and lively rock drums. POI @ :57 Inspirational piano interlude with staccato strings adds even more positive vibrations! Victory! Kids - Children - Commercial, Promo. 150 BPM. Full Mix.

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130 BPM02:20
A 60's Retro rock feel with a bouncy piano, driving guitars, bass, drums and a happy go lucky melody.
156 BPM02:33
Energetic kids theme with a warm melody and punchy rhythm.
105 BPM02:32
A light-hearted piano and bell melody creates an upbeat, joyful vibe, with warm guitars and bass along with energetic percussion rounding out the blissful mood in this indie pop instrumental. Version - Full
146 BPM02:05
Bright and driven piano riff builds into a feel good and uplifting stadium pop rock chorus.
155 BPM01:46
Crazy upbeat indie pop simple fun happy sweet bouncy friendly spring summer sunny light fresh leisure lifestyle positive uplifting optimistic cheerful bright smile perky vacation holiday lighthearted relaxing plucky blissful recycle nutritous innocent adorable sitcom jolly breezy outdoors folk kids
191 BPM01:37
This playfully mischievous children's tune unleashes the smiles with frantically plucked strings, hyper synths, rockin' guitars, bouncy bass and retro keys all skipping together over a delighted rhythm. Look out! Kids - Children - Commercial, Promo. 191 BPM. Full Mix.
174 BPM01:39
C'mon get happy! Youthful, feel-good rock track featuring playful guitars, rockin' drums, soaring synths, fun whistles, vocals and bouncy bass. I never want to grow up! Kids - Children - Commercial, Promo. 174 BPM. Full Mix.
156 BPM01:51
Happy indie rock. Light guitar intro, building drums with claps. Uplifting main theme from 1:01
86 BPM02:20
Bright, shimmering guitar licks backed by driving rock beats evoke blistering courage and tenacity.
118 BPM02:07
Crystalline bells and awe-inspiring guitars soar triumphantly, powered by driving drums and optimistic synths in this dynamic theme.
125 BPM02:22
Positive pop rock song with happy kid's piano and synth theme. Linear structure. Version - Full Mix
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