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101 BPM03:47
Norteno - Folk. Mexican country norteno, known for its folk-like style and use of the accordion as a feature instrument. Melancholic, low tempo ballad. Scratchy male vocals. Tijuana style conjunto norteno. Full Mix 101 bpm

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109 BPM03:06
Norteno - Folk. This song tells the story of a woman's anger and despair over a cheating man and lost love. A traditional Mexican country ballad from the northern states of Mexico (norteno) with accordion, guitar, bass, drums. Strong female vocal. Full Mix 109 bpm
101 BPM03:46
World - Irish. Traditional sounding story about leaving loved ones for emigration told by a passionate female vocalist. Full Mix
99 BPM03:20
Norteno - Folk. Mexican country (norteno) music typically associated with a regional folk style from the northern states of Mexico. A low tempo love song. Contains tejano and American country influences. Full Mix 99 bpm
92 BPM02:04
Positive quirky and happy strummed ukulele with vocal humming, a kazoo, mouth organ and playful percussion.
111 BPM01:25
Cheerful folk; a once in a lifetime opportunity. Spirited blend of mandolin, snare and harmonium.
103 BPM03:00
jolly and lively, not too serious country band performance. rural romance and fun - 103.80 BPM, Full Mix
90 BPM02:16
Modern Norteño regional sound with young sultry female singer with a dreamy romantic swing to the live accordion, bajo sexto, live bass and drums. Latin - Norteño, Mexican, Traditional, Spanish, Tex Mex, Ranchera. 90 BPM. Full Mix.
182 BPM03:09
Norteno - Folk. A heartfelt love song about a man drowning in his sorrows while drinking. Includes traditional, romantic, folk-music elements known as a ranchera. Storytelling in the corrido norteno style. Full Mix 182 bpm
136 BPM02:04
traditional italian salami tarantella, bouncy and full of joy. lively celebration of mediterranean food with claps, violins and guitars. tasty, familiar. big bellies and big smiles, 136 BPM
94 BPM02:22
Country - Americana. A sweet Americana ballad with a lively rhythm section featuring accordion. Full Mix
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