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128 BPM01:08
Pop - Commercial - Promotion. A playful, bouncy piano sets this tune in motion. Child-like bells, woodwinds and panned drums add movement and create a vivacious, happy mood. Unique and carefree, this sparkly sonic gem is just the right pick! 128 bpm. Full Mix.

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151 BPM02:09
Grab a warm cup of wassail and settle in with this playful, cheery holiday delight. Acoustic guitars, piano, drums and bass swing under magical bells and joyous vocal "bop-bops" in this fresh arrangement. Found percussion, keys, claps and banjo join in as the angels sing out! Holiday - Christmas - Indie Pop, Rock. 151 BPM. Piano, Vocal Lead
116 BPM01:58
Laid back & cheerful guitar, hand claps, percussion & xylophone
116 BPM00:58
Rock - Pop. The piano and psychedelic organ start this tune off. Then the whistling takes over the organ's melody at :17. Making for some playful banter. Synth zips you into outer space at :32. Full Mix.
103 BPM02:04
Folk, Acoustic, Uplifting, Positive, Guitar. Folk. 103 BPM. Full.
134 BPM01:14
Promo - Contemporary. Cheerful bells, playful ukulele and bright hi-hats break open this can of sonic-sunshine while warm bouncy bass, snappy drums and smooth vocals join in and add a perfect breeze to go along. POI :37 light celeste, majestic mellotron strings and vibrato electric guitar lead the way and build you up for the glorious homecoming! Best. Day. Ever. Full Mix
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