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162 BPM02:51
Acoustic - Country - Western. Roll down the window and feel the rockin', rootsy vibrations with crisp acoustic guitars, punchy syncopated drums and groovy thumping bass. Watch the road and enjoy its twists and turns with killer bluesy electric leads and technical drums that will keep you locked into the head-bobbing groove. Complex and energetic rhythm with lots of starts/stops that keep it fresh! 162 bpm. Full Mix.

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120 BPM01:02
Rock - Indie - Pop. Fun, upbeat bluesy rock track with vocal accents and glock playing the melody. Electric guitar, claps, highway, travel, feel-good, positive. 120 bpm. Full Mix.
92 BPM02:06
Loping American three-chord with some twists and turns.
111 BPM01:41
Quirky, skipping beat, live bass and drums. Version - Main
141 BPM02:52
Acoustic Melodic Rock. Version - Full Mix
95 BPM02:16
Thoughtful and uplifting revival riff rock builds passionately with an inspiring and triumphant rock energy.
124 BPM03:16
Slick and courageous, featuring edgy electric guitar and drums that create a satisfied, determined mood.
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