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120 BPM01:46
Beautiful glockenspiel with enchanting Christmas melody, twinkles and family fairytale. Delicate and heartwarming, gentle and soft theme.

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70 BPM02:04
Twinkling Christmas music box with light and playful festive melody. Innocent, fairytale and a cute mood. Warm and good natured, children, family and nostalgic moments.
115 BPM02:00
Quirky, plodding orchestral interlude with warmth, charm and nostalgia. Uplifting, full of character, conveying Christmas cheer and happiness. 115BPM.
95 BPM02:06
Grand, enchanting impressions of wintry joy on a crisp sunny morning.
79 BPM01:52
Light and elated, featuring warm strings, chimes and sleigh bells that create a lighthearted, noble mood.
109 BPM02:20
Magical and light Christmas waltz with strings, sleigh bells and a woodwind and marimba melody
87 BPM02:07
Uplifting and magical with bouncy brass, lush strings and tubular bells giving it the perfect festive feel.
90 BPM02:07
God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman with glockenspiel melody building with plodding brass, woodwinds and strings to a marching crescendo.
164 BPM01:40
Gentle music box chimes, woodwind and pizzicato strings with a timeless, childlike and magical vibe for moments of Christmas excitement. Playful yet restrained. 164BPM.
137 BPM01:40
Magical waltzing orchestral piece that moves between playful childlike curiosity and a bold and dramatic fanfare.
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