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103 BPM02:42
Serious news and current affairs, determined, financial and confident business score. Dramatic violins with an urgent mood of contemporary heritage and classical history.

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107 BPM02:46
Classically influenced historical orchestral score with a confident, prestigious violin melody. Contemporary business, politics and corporate reality tv and lifestyles.
107 BPM02:44
Alternative version with no solo legato violin, less piano, less staccato violin.
132 BPM02:14
Alternative version with clarinet melody instead of violin.
132 BPM02:14
Determined and inspiring orchestral score with serious staccato strings, news and current affairs, important, power and business status. Contemporary drama and factual classical theme.
103 BPM02:42
Alternative version with less violin and no piano.
120 BPM00:20
Bubbling minimalist strings & piano. Driving perpetual motion. Version - Full
118 BPM02:52
Alternative version with no percussion.
132 BPM02:14
Alternative version with no legato strings, piano or clarinet melody.
138 BPM02:18
Questioning, light piano motif with a serious and drama based cello and violin underscore. Importance and prestigious lifestyle.
112 BPM02:55
Orchestral period drama score, serious and determined theme with quirky and eccentric character. British lifestyle and nobel prestige and luxury living. History and politics influence.
104 BPM02:31
Best "Factual Entertainment", classical drama, fast staccato strings, business and city lifestyle, Tense and serious theme. (NLM08704)
104 BPM02:31
Classical drama, fast staccato strings, business and city lifestyle, Tense and serious theme.
138 BPM02:18
Alternative piano melody version.
138 BPM00:15
Alternative 15 second non melodic string version.
86 BPM02:35
Busy & strident string quartet with pizz & piano. Big, bright & exciting.
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