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120 BPM00:57
Uptempo electonica with beeping sci-fi synths and robotic vocoder effects. Version - Full Mix

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140 BPM01:36
Electronic - Promo. Deep electronic sounds give this song a rave like intensity. Full Mix
120 BPM00:32
R and B - Soul, Jingles. Lots of scratch, rap style backing, lots of effects. Medium. 120 BPM. Full Mix
132 BPM02:09
Electronic - Dance. Can computers get funky? We think the proof is in this cut. Blending the automated qualities of sequenced music with the live, organic feel of sirens, vocal samples and drums, this modern electronica theme is great behind sports highlights and video games. Full Mix.
120 BPM00:32
Hip Hop / Rap - Futuristic hip hop. Medium. Full Mix.
120 BPM02:43
Electronic - Soundtrack. Cool cue for drama or theme, rap scratches with rock guitar and resolving bass. Full Mix.
130 BPM01:34
Electronic - Industrial. Strange and compelling this electronic potpourri would pose a challenge to most people who favour The Carpenters or New Age music. Full Mix
133 BPM02:43
133 BPM02:43
Electronic - Funk, Jazz. A 60's organ with pounding beats and a trippy atmosphere... Full Mix
128 BPM01:48
Driving techno beats with quirky vocal FX and hooky melodies. Version - Full Mix
124 BPM02:38
Sports and action news track with powerful synth and percussive drums.
0 BPM02:09
Fast processed drum groove with electronic FX, action, uplifting, moving, sports, speed, race, adrenalin, urban, groove, chase, power, modern adventure, Film/TV, movie, drama, documentary, news, new media, science, technology, industry, instrument, electronic, trailer, promo, themes, prestige, fashion, modern lifestyle, homepage, underscore, futuristic, crime, thriller, tension, contemporary urban
120 BPM02:15
Fast-pulsing electro rhythm track laced with synth hits.
125 BPM01:48
A TV friendly musical backdrop with programmed drums and bass, filtered guitars, and synth effects. A Rhodes intro swells into a funky, easy going groove with bass, drums and synth fills. A piano melody comes in at :24 with filtered guitar stabbing unde. Version - Full Mix
135 BPM02:12
Electronic - Dance, Industrial. Intense, suspenseful sci-fi techno track with robotic voice and spacey synth effects. Full Mix.
110 BPM02:21
Corporate - Prestige. Powerful Swirling, Electro Synths and Guitar Breakbeat, Technology, Futuristic, Medical, I.T., assertive and driven. Full Mix.
128 BPM02:04
Electronic - Sports. Electronic beats, voice samples, drum loops, nasty guitars. Strong and powerful. Full Mix.
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