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119 BPM02:23
Panoramic, Hope, Happy End, Synth. Version - Full Mix

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95 BPM01:02
Adult Contemporary - Commercials. Commercial length, Atmospheric - non static, Rhythm underscore, New Age, Nature, Panoramic, Small, Synth., Middle. Version 1.
103 BPM02:18
Corporate - News. Corporate upbeat news theme with flute. The world will continue on. Full Mix.
120 BPM01:04
World - New Age. Ethereal tropical percussive rhythm. Full mix
140 BPM01:51
Adult Contemporary - Easy Listening - Atmospheric. Rhythmic synths and various sound effects create a very open dynamic environment that is full of joy and euphoria. Full Mix.
96 BPM01:06
Industrial background. Version - Full Mix
107 BPM02:29
Light positive documentary style
120 BPM01:01
Determined rhythmic with sequence end loop. Version - News 60 Second
137 BPM02:56
Easy percussion and electric piano. Version - Full Mix
98 BPM03:10
Medium tempo easy relaxed Latin gentle mood travel
120 BPM03:22
Gentle piano with light percussion. Version - Full Mix
93 BPM01:02
Specialty - Commercial. Christmas time in the city. Version: Full Mix 60 Second
130 BPM01:01
130 BPM01:01
Misty, Enigmatic all Africa
120 BPM03:22
Gentle piano with light percussion. Version - Full Mix
108 BPM00:33
108 BPM00:33
Drifting ambient relaxed to cool acoustic guitar
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