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139 BPM01:01
Slow, sexy lowdown blues with horn section and meaty male vocal.

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114 BPM02:17
A gospel choir with a male lead is accompanied by piano, organ, electric guitar, and drums on this cut. The contagious enthusiasm of this choir will have you in the holiday spirit in no time. Version - Full Mix
91 BPM03:29
Slow moody blues female vocals
110 BPM00:55
World - Piano. Gay Paris, Filet Du Jour. Nostalgic Parisian cabaret piece with bawdy piano accompanying female vocals and male choir. See TL038 for alternate Instrumental versions. Full Mix.
94 BPM00:32
Slow moody blues female vocals
140 BPM01:02
Sexy, vibey minor blues under a raunchy male lead.
103 BPM02:05
Another hit from THE EXCITATIONS. The piano driven verse starts at :10 leading to the huge vocal harmonies and classic Motown guitar of the chorus at :29, declaring "You're the One I want to be mine, all mine". Another verse starts at :50 concluded with . Version - Full Mix
109 BPM02:03
THE LEGENDARY OTIS ROBERTSON laments of a time when the girl of his dreams was still his in this mid-tempo Motown song, starting with a solo vocal and simple rhythm section. The pre-chorus at :27 develops to a sweet chorus at :38, full of big background. Version - Full Mix
68 BPM01:54
One hit wonder, VONDA WASHINGTON, wonders whether her man is being faithful in this up-tempo Motown smash. Solo sax starts it off with the rhythm section answering back with big hits in the front, eventually evolving into a fun, steady groove. The B sec. Version - Full Mix
108 BPM01:47
Sultry and laid back with female and male trading licks. . Version - Full Mix
97 BPM02:18
The softer side of THE EXCITATIONS in this slow tempo track with lush strings and sweet melodies throughout the verse about a man praying to be back with the woman he loves. The heartfelt chorus at :31, with the cry "Bring Back My Baby", leads to anothe. Version - Full Mix
116 BPM02:09
Vegas lounge big band straight from the golden days with male vocal. Version - Full Mix
136 BPM01:27
Early rock beat with female lead and male background vocals. Version - Full Mix
120 BPM02:09
Blues - Jazz. Electric Memphis blues with vocal. Full Mix.
139 BPM01:00
Easy riffing shuffle with male vocal, Mussel Shoals horn sound.
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