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139 BPM01:00
Easy riffing shuffle with male vocal, Mussel Shoals horn sound.

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128 BPM01:00
Loping bar-band blues with gruff vocal and horn riffs.
120 BPM02:09
Blues - Jazz. Electric Memphis blues with vocal. Full Mix.
85 BPM01:02
Classic roadhouse stop-time riff, raspy male vocal, blues harp, guitar solo.
94 BPM01:02
Fast-rocking, honky-tonk blues shuffle with vampy femlale lead.
92 BPM01:02
Dirty, medium/slow downhome blues with edgy, raspy male vocals.
114 BPM02:17
A gospel choir with a male lead is accompanied by piano, organ, electric guitar, and drums on this cut. The contagious enthusiasm of this choir will have you in the holiday spirit in no time. Version - Full Mix
107 BPM03:23
Medium up tempo steady chugging 12 bar blues rock song features male vocal and harmonica Vox
139 BPM01:01
Slow, sexy lowdown blues with horn section and meaty male vocal.
133 BPM05:02
Features guest artists Robben Ford on guitar and Roscoe Beck on bass. Vocal. Main Version.
129 BPM04:29
Steady blues male vocals features electric guitar
119 BPM05:17
Features guest artist Paul Barerre on vocals and guitar. Vocal. Main version.
108 BPM02:20
Piano And Electric Slide, Blues With Vocal Chorus, Right Here Right Now, Rock, Southern, Raw, Overdriven, Hard Edged, Tough, Bikers, Boogie, Hard, Drinking Beer, Dive, Smokey Bar, Trucker, Driving, Roadtrip, Bump And Grind, Raunchy, Roadhouse, Confident, Sassy, Strutting, Gritty, Ballsy. Blues - Southern Rock. 108 BPM. Vocal.
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