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138 BPM01:02
Upbeat, light dance-pop (with a quirky style).

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138 BPM02:41
Upbeat, light dance-pop (with a quirky style).
127 BPM06:45
Electronic - Dance. Up tempo Euro Pop with a catchy motif and some lickin' pickin' pedal steel featured at 4:25. Full Mix
132 BPM03:04
Children - Electronic. A happy, hooky synth pop song. Full Mix.
84 BPM02:31
Electronic - Dance. A feel-good track for training videos or the dance floor. A bridge section enters, leaves, and kicks back into full force. Full Mix.
144 BPM03:01
Electronic - Dance. Happy feeling dance vibe. Full Mix.
131 BPM03:16
African, House, Techno, Kwaito, Electro
128 BPM03:04
Electronic - Dance. This cue twists and turns its way to a euphoric peak. Driving bass drum and rhythmic layered synths create a very upbeat dance atmosphere. Full Mix
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