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148 BPM00:31
The mind races ahead of the body - or is it the other way around?.

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148 BPM03:09
The mind races ahead of the body - or is it the other way around?.
142 BPM02:26
Electronic - Hard Core, Industrial. Hard core drum beat with sound effects and distorted rock guitar perfect for a fight scene with lots of explosions and action. Full Mix.
158 BPM01:44
Distorted bass and synths tones filter and percolate over strong, dense electronic drum rhythms with a tech crime feel. Contemporary synth treatments add an urgent, serious vibe. Version - Full Mix
105 BPM02:15
Hyper, energetic and frenzied feeling with crazy fast moving beats and ratty sounding electric guitar effects mixing with tight rhythmic electronic noises and atmospheres.
143 BPM01:07
Dance & Electronica - Sports - Action. Full Mix. BPM 143.
142 BPM01:00
Vocal DJ loops and beats. Version - Full Mix
140 BPM02:20
Fuzzy electric guitars with heavy rhythmics and drums loop. Version - Full Mix
128 BPM02:03
Electronica - Dance Beats, Rock, Pop, A big beat car chase down fat synth alley, Guitar, Action Adventure Dirty Driving Extreme Guitars Medium Tempo, 128 BPM
148 BPM02:13
Electronic rock builds and then takes off like a screaming jet! Driving and pulsing.
136 BPM02:18
Synth keyboard in an electronic storm of effects and industrial beats with "Freak it out" lyrics. Version - Full Mix
160 BPM02:28
Electronic - Groovy synth electro dance cue with aggressive drums. Full Mix.
106 BPM01:00
Bass pulse and "Go!" vocals. Version - Full Mix
170 BPM02:04
Electronica - Dance Beats, Rock, Pop, Breakbeat with rude bass synth and plenty of ear candy, Synths, Animation Cartoon Contemporary Fast Fat Bass Fun Pumping Quirky Uptempo, 170 BPM
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