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75 BPM01:03
Pan-asian percussion and melody create evocative mood.

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126 BPM01:04
World - New Age. Ethereal strings and voices over easy percussion with acoustic guitar melody. Full Mix
120 BPM02:59
Medium slow tempo broad Far East atmopshere ethnic instruments
140 BPM04:12
Medium tempo gentle drifting guitar pipes and light rhythm
110 BPM02:34
Quiet, light drama with pretty pattern pulse.
115 BPM04:37
Medium slow tempo gentle sentimental movement guitar light percussion
97 BPM03:45
Medium up tempo rhythmic pulsing insistent easy progressive leisure movement
90 BPM02:54
Medium tempo light relaxed travel exotic rhythm
122 BPM00:31
Moody, quirky, exotic atmospheric texture.
96 BPM01:56
Slow tempo pulsing serious thematic
95 BPM03:57
Medium tempo gentle positive relaxing sport electric guitar pipes
111 BPM03:05
Medium tempo dramatic heavy industrial menacing
128 BPM02:27
Atmospheric light techno with medium pace.
120 BPM03:02
Sequence on moderate layer. Version - Full Mix
148 BPM02:05
Easy groove with melodic light techno texture.
88 BPM01:15
Mellow groove with some light percussion and soothing synths making for a relaxing weather report on the news.
89 BPM01:59
Gentle atmospheric sound evokes exploration of hidden world.
71 BPM03:33
71 BPM03:33
Medium tempo drifting uplifting and voice effects
118 BPM02:36
118 BPM02:36
Medium tempo light drifting movement
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