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136 BPM01:03
Let's! Because in our world the mall is Christmas! Nothing embodies the vibe of the most wonderful time of the year like the happy holiday sound of ringing cash registers, excited tots in line to see the real Santa, and grown-ups asking for gift receipts for presents that might go wrong! Bells, whips,wood blocks and pizzicato strings take you on a shopping sleigh ride extravaganza.

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96 BPM01:01
Cute 1920s Irish ditty about drinking from morning to night and enjoying the companions along the way which is everybody! Whistled melody, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bohdran and bass celebrate that everone is Irish on Saint Patrick's day!
130 BPM02:37
Irish Pub sing along with driving violin and bodhron. Comical vocal pop for the unappreciated. Vocal. Main version.
102 BPM01:01
A swinging rockabilly track with our hip-swinging singer shouting the excitement when Christmas Comes To Town.
95 BPM01:02
A Rock and Roll Christmas that harkens a slapped-back echo memory! This pure rocker is straight outta Memphis in 1956.
200 BPM02:36
Comedy and Liverpool-esque pop music meet to decry the phenomenon of suburbia. Vocal. Main version.
124 BPM01:04
Happy summertime celebration with Dad at he grill showing off his skills for his family Happy and playful guitar through a Leslie with hookie bass and guitar lines.
127 BPM01:15
Upbeat vocal plea for shelter from the rain and cold.
128 BPM01:03
Being naughty but nice can have it's own rewards at Christmas time! Our seductive male crooner uses a jazzy guitar and double bass backup to encourage an RSVP to an irresistible invitation! Funny and playful call and answer between vocal and jazz guitar lines with brushes stirring the holiday soup.
142 BPM01:02
Rock ska with a punk attitude. Reggae guitar and punk power chords proclaim a punk's love for mom whose love for mom is less painful than dad's discipine.
130 BPM02:49
Fun, beer-mug-pounding-on-the-bar upbeat pop/country with an infectious stop-time groove meets social commentary. Vocal. Main version.
160 BPM01:04
Rockabilly groove with Telecaster and steel guitar tells the tale of the woes and rewards of caregiving. A mom's work is never done. Toughest gig you'll everhave but also one of the best.
135 BPM02:49
Happy and carefree 1950s German schlager with an Italian touch. Retro vacation song, reflecting the then-new trend to spend summer holidays in Italy. 135 BPM. Full mix.
124 BPM01:01
Dads are dorks and embarrassing but be careful because we may all become our dads eventually. Comedic take on fathers we can all relate to set to a playful pop rock 60's rock ensemble with fuzz guitar.
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