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200 BPM02:36
Comedy and Liverpool-esque pop music meet to decry the phenomenon of suburbia. Vocal. Main version.

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130 BPM02:49
Fun, beer-mug-pounding-on-the-bar upbeat pop/country with an infectious stop-time groove meets social commentary. Vocal. Main version.
132 BPM03:05
Pounding Irish pub anthem. Driving acoustic guitar with a 6 over 4 feel and vocal oo's through a Leslie speaker. Don't get involved with his troubles! Vocal. Main version.
133 BPM03:07
A positive, upbeat pop-rock song reminding us to look on the bright side. Vocal. Main version.
137 BPM03:15
A fun, quirky country-punk infused rocker with unpredictable orchestration. Vocal. Main version.
124 BPM01:05
Driving, foot stomping pub sing along song for our dear old dads. Banjo, electric sitar and foot stomping. The whole bar joins in at 31 seconds to sing the praises of dad.
136 BPM03:25
Happy, affirming, upbeat R&B pop with horns and strings. True love lives! Vocal. Main version.
197 BPM03:44
60's Britsh invasion fuzz guitar riffs kick in a sunny happy melodic theme. A charging brass break at 2:17 brings the parade for Mr. Sunshine to town. Vocal. Main version.
184 BPM03:16
Doo-wop 50's infused pop with an upbeat, positive, swinging feel. His life is NOTHING without you! Vocal. Main version.
134 BPM01:04
Summer is finally here and the time is right. Energetic new wave pop rocker with jangly Rick 12 string and a driving walking bass line that invites you to drink beer on a Saturday night!
95 BPM01:02
A Rock and Roll Christmas that harkens a slapped-back echo memory! This pure rocker is straight outta Memphis in 1956.
124 BPM01:04
Happy summertime celebration with Dad at he grill showing off his skills for his family Happy and playful guitar through a Leslie with hookie bass and guitar lines.
96 BPM01:01
Cute 1920s Irish ditty about drinking from morning to night and enjoying the companions along the way which is everybody! Whistled melody, banjo, mandolin, guitar, bohdran and bass celebrate that everone is Irish on Saint Patrick's day!
130 BPM02:37
Irish Pub sing along with driving violin and bodhron. Comical vocal pop for the unappreciated. Vocal. Main version.
136 BPM01:03
Let's! Because in our world the mall is Christmas! Nothing embodies the vibe of the most wonderful time of the year like the happy holiday sound of ringing cash registers, excited tots in line to see the real Santa, and grown-ups asking for gift receipts for presents that might go wrong! Bells, whips,wood blocks and pizzicato strings take you on a shopping sleigh ride extravaganza.
125 BPM03:08
A skeptic's rave-up. Vocal. Main version.
97 BPM01:01
A relationship is chronicled through favorite romantic movies, and one television show. This couple fell in love watching theirs. Brit style electric guitar, piano, trumpet and french horns tell this comedic tale of sharing that door in the middle of the Atlantic.
112 BPM01:05
Milwaukee is heaven on earth because there's a bar with beer on every street! Country at it's finest calling back to Nashville in the 60s with a soul searching balladeer that knows heaven without beer would be hell! Crying pedal steel guitar, Telecaster, Martin D28, Fender bass, sparce piano arpeggios and drums set the stage this prayerful song.
102 BPM03:19
La Di Da says it all! Acoustic instrumentation adds an organic backdrop for a positive message of opposite attractions. Vocal. Main version.
128 BPM01:02
We would do everything for someone we truly love. A hooky heartfelt melody with jangly guitars and driving pop rock drums.
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