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107 BPM03:36
Features guest artist Paul Barerre on slide guitar. Vocal. Main version.

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114 BPM03:54
Bluesy rock with a roadhouse rhythm section, twin electric guitars and smoky male vocals.
61 BPM03:19
Greasy, soulful laid back Memphis blues. Vocal. Main version.
74 BPM03:46
Playful bluesy slide with sassy attitude. Vocal. Main version.
83 BPM06:24
Features guest artists Robben Ford on guitar and Roscoe Beck on bass. Vocal. Main Version.
75 BPM03:47
Driving bluesy slide guitar with fighting attitude. Vocal. Main version.
112 BPM03:37
Emotive alt-country tinged ballad
130 BPM03:04
Everything's better down south! Groove to this upbeat homage to the ladies of Dixie with classic male vocals, twangy guitars, rockin' drums, playful fiddle and honky-tonk piano! POI at 2:13 Screaming slide guitar solo gets funky as the tracks rides off into the sunset! Country - Rock, Southern Rock. 130 BPM. Full Mix.
87 BPM03:33
Determined and driving bluesy tune with funky groove. Vocal. Main version.
101 BPM03:03
Chugging 70's style rock, rhythm & blues, Southern with sleep all day chorus. Full Mix.
97 BPM02:21
Caveman stomper won't listen to reason! Vocal. Main version.
107 BPM02:28
A warm and hooky pop song about an interesting chapter of life in an apartment of love.
91 BPM04:08
Percolating, soulful, wah-wah'd sonic uplift. Vocal. Main version.
96 BPM03:24
God bless the RED, WHITE & BLUE! Celebrate freedom with rockin' guitars, twangy banjo, huge dynamic drums, driving bass and lively fiddle. Gritty vocals sing out loud and proud giving this country/rock anthem the power to fly high! Hold onto to The American Dream! Country - Rock, Western. 96 BPM. Full Mix.
82 BPM04:29
Revolution and change is in the air. 60s protest meets grunge and blues power. Stand in solidarity with this powerfully inspiring, relevant rock-anthem. Edgy powerful female vocals, an addictive chord loop and energetic slide guitar build to a chaotic climax ready for the protest. Good for protest anthems, documentatries, news, sports and politics.
110 BPM03:39
A new leaf and a positive rose colored anthem played by a Memphis-style horn band with something to prove. Vocal. Main version.
141 BPM03:48
Life affirming, confident, pop rock. A dramatic mandolin intro sets the stage for a power chord slam at :14 when the band enters to tell this story.
94 BPM03:58
Latin - Rock - Mexican. Mexican rock band with a fun, upbeat chorus, electric guitar, live bass, and drums. Great male vocals. 94 bpm. Full Mix.
97 BPM04:07
A slinky, shape-shiftng appeal to the powers that be to let a guy rock on. Great chorus, with odd ball chords and and a greasy-ass drummer. Vocal. Main version.
84 BPM02:43
Funky rock tribute to the mighty iron horse. Vocal. Main version.
108 BPM04:00
Easy lazy blues features electric guitar and male vocals
133 BPM05:02
Features guest artists Robben Ford on guitar and Roscoe Beck on bass. Vocal. Main Version.
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