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102 BPM03:46
Happy action song with a cool hook that works! You're damn right! This girl is worthy of her own riff and much more. Testify and make it snappy! Great for happy action scenes.

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179 BPM02:42
Fun and funky with horns and fingerpicked electric guitar. Embrace the dark! Vocal. Main version.
112 BPM03:16
Powerful, twangy country rock riff, shuffle beat, lyrics about a lost lover who didn't want what was being offered.
108 BPM03:17
Rock - Surf. Scorching blues flavoured slide guitar boogie with attitude. Full Mix.
165 BPM02:08
1950s - Rock and Roll - Retro. Hippy hippy shake rock and roll. Full Mix. 165 bpm.
110 BPM02:03
Rowdy, feel-good Alt Americana stomper.Driving beats and head-nodding rhythms. Ideal for fun, upbeat quirky commercials and tv promos
160 BPM02:34
Bouncy, quirky indie guitar pop with a comedic edge
137 BPM03:15
A fun, quirky country-punk infused rocker with unpredictable orchestration. Vocal. Main version.
95 BPM01:02
A Rock and Roll Christmas that harkens a slapped-back echo memory! This pure rocker is straight outta Memphis in 1956.
174 BPM02:35
This is a Silver-Lining Shuffle! If your situation is imploding?ou might as well have a decent party! This is one of those vibe-y, everything's gonna be ok pieces that will create a party right when you need one!
93 BPM04:13
Acoustic guitar backbone with Telecaster hooks and a little tambourine on the side. Heartfelt, hopeful lyrics to drive home to.
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