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88 BPM03:07
A gospel influenced acoustic country ballad about the bliss of love. Vocal. Main version.

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99 BPM03:04
You cannot keep your darkest secrects from the Almighty One! And it feels damn good to CONFESS! Church-like B-3 organ and a twangy, sixty-year old Fender Telecaster will make it easy to free a tortured soul.
115 BPM04:17
A heartfelt appalachian tinged folk story. Vocal. Main version.
76 BPM04:26
A bluesy, soulful folk song speaking about the golden rule. Vocal. Main version.
174 BPM03:00
Earthy country folk. He knows he's heading for trouble. Vocal. Main version.
100 BPM02:54
Ethereal, relaxed country waltz celebrating the peace of enevitibility. Vocal. Main version.
104 BPM02:38
Soulful, bluesy folk song about knowing what to leave to fate. Vocal. Main version.
170 BPM03:27
Acoustic folk song about finding where you belong. Vocal. Main version.
48 BPM03:55
Slow and sad ballad about September and life changes. Vocal. Main version.
127 BPM03:22
Thoughful medium tempo soulful waltz. Vocal. Main version.
60 BPM04:54
Story telling love song about a country boy. Vocal. Main version
104 BPM03:38
Haunting rootsy folk recognizing the constant state of change we live in. Vocal. Main version.
98 BPM03:45
Uplifting and soulful ballad about being free. Vocal. Main version.
143 BPM03:03
Relaxed, laid back country tinged folk vignette singing the praises of a small town waitress. Vocal. Main version.
110 BPM04:28
A Celtic influenced folk waltz speaking to the plight of the blue collar union working man. Vocal. Main version.
110 BPM03:47
Gentle, retrospective acoustic folk with a hauntingly beautiful instrumental theme. Sometimes leaving leaves questions behind. Vocal. Main version.
75 BPM04:47
Thought provoking chord changes with haunting double stop guitar bends. Vocal. Main version.
120 BPM03:50
Positive and thoughtful song good for building things. Vocal. Main version.
149 BPM02:49
Acoustic folk song about perspective and reflection. Vocal. Main version.
72 BPM03:17
An honest, heartfelt acoustic, bluesy folk song. Repeatedly telling ourselves something does not necessarily make it true. Vocal. Main version.
178 BPM04:58
A minor keyed western flavored song about the suspense of an impending storm. Vocal. Main version.
130 BPM01:01
A welcoming, warm and friendly Doo-Wop vocal jazz quartet extends an open invitation to share the holiday joy at their house.
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