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106 BPM02:42
A traditional, sacred holiday song interpereted in the style of a famous steamrolling synthesizer based band. Instrumental. Main version.
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111 BPM01:36
Light and airy synthesizers orchestrate this "steamrolling" version of a holiday traditional. Instrumental. Main version.
152 BPM01:39
Xylophone and Xylophone make for a unique version of "Up On The House Top." Instrumental. Main version.
145 BPM01:53
Specialty - Holiday. Lively and uplifting dramatic orchestral tune that reminds one of snow-covered winter wonderland on Christmas morning. Full Mix
80 BPM01:43
Gentle strings and bells introduce a warm theme with a positive melody and powerful rhythm.
100 BPM02:11
Morning sun glistening through the trees, the world awakens to a bright new day, happy, light, positive.
96 BPM02:52
Graceful, beautiful, moving, holy, spirit, faithful, magical, Christmas Spirit, romantic, dreamy, warm, sentimental, gentle, building up, a wonderful and touching Christmas theme full of festive magic with tubular bells, flowing arpeggiated kalimba, sleigh bells, acoustic piano, glockenspiel, soft string orchestra and rising humming choir, film, TV, movie, advertising, contemporary, underscore, soundtrack, cinematic, promo, holidays, season, Advent, Yuletide, expectant, present, gift, merry, Xmas, X-mas, tree, winter, story, fairytale, fairy tale, wonderland, miracle, delicate, lullaby, dream, stars, twinkle, shine, cute, sweet, nice, elegant, warmhearted, heart-warming, emotions, family, friends, beloved ones, moments, loving, caring, home, cozy, emotional, tender, sensitive, mellow, peaceful, solemn, choral, chant, voices, angels, church bells, celebratory mood, festivity, sincere, reflective, memories, nostalgic, wishes, Frohe Weihnachten, Joyeux Noel, Felice Navidad, Buon Natale
100 BPM02:05
Proud orchestral children's theme, warm and flowing, evolving, uplifting.
97 BPM02:49
Production Elements - Sound Design. Atmospheric sounds with ethereal bells. Version: Full Mix
110 BPM02:03
Big warm and orchestrated, and cinematic theme with an uplifting Christmas feel.
123 BPM01:51
Specialty - Holiday. Feeling of a beautiful winter setting with fun filled sleigh bells and angelic female voices setting and epic holiday tone. Full Mix
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